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rainbow umbrella


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"Excellent umbrella upon inspection. Definite recommend and definite purchase as a worthy gift. My wish is for more colors and for a fire truck red. Very cool design, specifically the one touch closing.."
Patricia Warren
"I was really impressed with the Teflon coating, as the canopy did not get soaked through. The droplets stayed pooled on top of the fabric and I was able to easily shake them off. "
Valley Girl
"I used it twice so far but seems to be a very good quality comparing to my previous one. push button to open and close and so far strong enough for the rainy and windy Vancouver condition."
Mani Ahmadi
"The feature I love most is the one-button open and close. While many umbrellas open with the press of a button, this one closes as well - not completely, but the fabric hood contracts easily. You just need to re-compress the mast once done. But it makes getting in and out of a car with the umbrella opening and closing a breeze."
M. Burke
"I purchased this umbrella since I was tired of having my umbrella's ripped to shreds by NYC winds on rainy, cold days. Just as luck would have it, two days after it was delivered, we had one of those cold, windy, very wet winter days. The umbrella held up perfectly in the gusting winds and kept me relatively dry.. "
"What I particularly like is the cocking mechanism. The final closing "push" might be a little tough for wimps. What it does is loads up the spring for a nice quick opening and closing action. Great for when getting into and out of your car when speed is appreciated. Folds up to a fairly small size for car storage."
Robert Herman
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